Segments of the MGV8 market see noticeable change in values

The "big story" in the latest issue of Classic Car Weekly notes "there are still plenty of MGB models on the market, but only low-mileage, concours or significant models are seeing noticeable changes in value". One feature mentioned in our recent market reviews is the existence of parallel markets for Exceptional and Condition 1 classes of MGV8s - one market with buyers attracted by original features and the other with buyers attracted by MGV8s with tasteful upgrades like leather trim, body colour changes and chrome bumper conversions.

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Posted: 190717
A lead feature article on MGBs and derivatives in the latest issue of Classic Car Weekly says "trade experts have said that MGB values are strengthening - but only the very best are seeing any significant price increases". Editor David Simister's comments alongside highlight two features of the MGB and derivatives market we have noted in our last two 6 monthly MGV8 market reviews: well maintained, low mileage MGV8s attract buyers "prepared to pay the extra to get something truly special" and the "previous stigma over some features is reducing". Typically those previously negative features have been a disdain of MGBGTV8s with rubber bumpers and a preference for RV8s in colours other than Woodcote Green. There are clear signs in the market that condition is far more important for buyers than whether an MGV8 has rubber bumpers or is finished in Woodcote Green.

The article highlights the prices paid at auction so far in 2019 for their "top five MGV8s":

1973 MGBGTV8 - £33,600 at a Historics auction

1993 MG RV8 - £27,000 at a H&H Classics auction

1974 MGBGTV8 - £22,288 at a Mathewsons auction

1975 MGBGTV8 - £20,020 at a Barons auction

1993 MG RV8 - £19,687 at a H&H Classics auction