MGBGTV8 up for auction in June

Our Pricewatch volunteers, Keith Belcher and Andy Goves, spotted this MGBGTV8 was listed for the Barons' auction on Tuesday 4th June 2019 at Sandown Park Race Course at Esher in Surrey.

This car with the present VRN was registered with the V8 Database back in the early 1980s by a member in Gloucestershire with no mention of a CB conversion. We have had no notification of a sale and change of owner. The car is listed on the copy of the Factory production records we have as a rubber bumper car finished in Tundra with Autumn Leaf trim and was despatched from the MG Plant to a dealer in Darlington.

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Barons auction - at Sandown Park Race Course
Tuesday 4th June 2019
1975 MG MGBGTV8 - Tundra 2301
Guide Price: £16,000 to £20,000
Auction listing says "this extremely rare factory MGBGTV8 having just been recommissioned and is in its original Factory colour of Tundra Green, a rare colour and described by the vendor as looking stunning. The last registered owner in the log book owned the car from 1982 and has only covered a genuine 79,000 miles in 44 years. The vendor tells us that during his ownership he has not had any panels replaced and he presumes they are all original, original Dunlop wheels. It has recently been completely repainted including doors and tail gate off, repainted the original factory colour, new front and rear bumpers, new over riders, new grill, new headlamps, door handles, new side mouldings etc. Mechanical repairs include new starter motor, new battery, recent rear brake work, new water pump and a recent service. The paint work looks to have been carried out to a high standard and looks stunning in this rare colour. The interior is very clean and tidy with its original rubber floor coverings, side panels, door panels all in nice condition, under the bonnet is very clean and tidy and the V8 sounds wonderful. In the boot area the boot floor looks solid and clean. Rare find at auction in this condition and the vendor tells us that only a few were made in this colour and he thinks you would be hard pushed to find another. The car has been Zeibarted from new". Auction listing
Review of this car
From what we can see and read it appears:
> Chrome bumper conversion is not mentioned - the Car No/VIN is 2301 and a copy of the Factory production records shows it was 200 into the rubber bumper production run. So it appears that at some stage this car has undergone a chrome bumper conversion, possibly when the car was recently repainted. Buyers will need to check closely the quality of that conversion.
> Non original features - the front side lamps are installed the wrong way round - the side lamps are usually outboard and the indicators inboard. See below.
> "V8" badging misplaced or missing - there are no "V8" or BL badges on the nearside wing and there is no "V8" badge on the nearside of the grille mesh.
> Car No plate fixed to the inner wing adjacent to the remote oil filter appears to be lower than on Factory cars which suggests it has been removed and replaced.
> Michelin XAS tyres look very old - the four digit date markings on the sidewalls will need to be checked.
> Status of the vendor - it's not clear whether it is a private seller or a trader.

: the auction house says "This description is provided by the vendor and unless otherwise stated is 'Not Verified' by Barons or any person employed by Barons. Prospective purchasers are advised to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any statements made, whether they be statements of fact or opinion".
Alongside - the front side lamps are installed the wrong way round - the side lamps are usually outboard and the indicators inboard. There is no "V8" badge on the nearside of the grille mesh. Is appears to be a chrome bumper conversion?