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V8 Gatherings at the Shoulder of Mutton on Hazeley Heath

How do you find the Shoulder of Mutton on Hazeley Heath?
Bryan Ditchman revived the V8 Gathering at the Shoulder of Mutton on Hazeley Heath in 2001 and it has again become a popular Sunday lunchtime event for V8 enthusiasts. The landlord of the Shoulder of Mutton is Steve Thorning who provides a warm welcome for MG enthusiasts - he has an MG Y Type and used to own an MGBGTV8 some years ago. There are two meetings at Hazeley Heath each year and the dates are set out in the Rolling V8 Calendar but often the question is asked - where is Hazeley Heath and how do I get there?

Finding Hazeley Heath - the map below may take a few seconds to load as the file size is larger than usual on this website to provide you with more detail.

Hazeley Heath is just a few miles north west of Hartley Wintney on the A3011. In broader terms it is south of Junction 11 on the M4 near Reading and north of the A30 and the M3. As you travel north from Hartley Wintney, after just a few miles you will see a sign pointing to the left for the Shoulder of Mutton. It directs you to a small road which loops down by the pub. There is a good car park at the Shoulder of Mutton with the entrance just to the left of the Blaze MGBGTV8 in the photo below.

Bryan Ditchman lines up his 11 litres of V8 power at the Shoulder of Mutton, his "local". This is the view of the pub you will see as you approach from the south (Hartley Wintney) on the small road that loops down from the A3011.

You will see from the sign above Steve Thorning and Bryan Ditchman in the photo above that Sunday lunch is served in the dining room of the Shoulder of Mutton. Alternatively on fine days there is a very pleasant garden. For further details contact Bryan Ditchman on 0118 932 6346 or for reserving a table call Steve Thorning at the Shoulder of Mutton on 0118 9326272. The Shoulder of Mutton is a mobile phone free zone!

For the dates of the next V8 Gathering at the Shoulder of Mutton, seethe Rolling V8 Calendar for details.