V8 Marquee at MGLive! 2023

How do I find the V8 Marquee and where can I park my MGV8?
Every year we have a V8 Marquee at MGLive! which is located in the central area of the Circuit alonside other Registers' marquees and gazeebos.
A layout of the central area and MGLive! 2023 will be available in 2023

How do I find MGLive! at Silverstone?
See our guide - the postcode for your satnav is: NN12 8TN

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Refreshments in the V8 Marquee. More

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The V8 Marquee is a popular meeting place for MGV8 enthusiasts at the annual MGLive! event at Silverstone with free refreshments and plenty of seating so you can sit and talk with fellow members and their friends. In 2023 we will have a larger marquee with a display marking the 50th anniversary of the launch of the MGBGTV8 in 1973 and the 30th of the start of sales and production of the RV8.

There will also be plenty to keep motorsport fans entertained throughout both days at MGLive! including a full weekend of racing over the MGLive! weekend.