How to get to MGLive! at Silverstone

Silverstone Circuit
Satnav: NN12 8TN

Posted: 170414

Getting to Silverstone
From the north and west you can reach Silverstone on the A43 from the M40 at J10. From the north and east you can approach Silverstone on the A43 from the A5 at Towcester and the M1 at J15a. From the south you can use either the M1 or the M40 or alternatively you can follow a very pleasant rural route from Aylesbury via Winslow, Buckingham and Stowe and then the small village of Dadford just south of the Circuit.

Please note - the map alongside incorrectly marks the M40 (on the LHS) as the M4. It is in fact the M40!
Where do you get into Silverstone?
A new bypass passing to the south of Silverstone village was completed in 2002 and you now turn off the A43 at the junction which is clearly signposted for Silverstone Circuit. The main entrance gate to Silverstone Circuit is south of the junction with the A43 on the Dadford Road. You then turn into the wide main entrance and ahead of you are the ticket control points. Tickets and programmes are on sale at this point.