Refreshments at the V8 Marquee over the MGLive! weekend

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Posted: 170610 Victor Smith
Members and their friends and our guests from the Vintage Register will be welcome to enjoy free tea, coffee and homemade cakes available at our refreshment stall in the V8 Marquee at MGLive 2017. There will be plenty of tables and chairs there so members and friends can sit and enjoy the refreshments and chat with fellow members. This afternoon Lesley had me tasting one of the types of cake she is making for the refreshment stall - it's a gluten free chocolate cake. The other two cakes Lesley is making will also be gluten free but I am not sure what types of cake they will be. Debbie Brading is making cakes including her Victoria jam slice and I hear the ladies from the Vintage Register will have some cakes too. Do drop by over the weekend.