V8 Technical Day
Saturday 1st June 2019

How do I join the V8 Technical Day?
Bookings for this event can be made directly with the event organiser Victor Smith - just send him an email with your name and current MG Car Club membership number. The event is open to members of the V8 Register - MG Car Club. Please note the maximum number of places at this event is 40. Bookings from fellow members are set out below. More

Refreshments include tea and coffee on arrival, a buffet lunch and tea and coffee with homemade cakes in the afternoon.

Event Organiser
Victor Smith
0208 292 9434

Where will the event be held?
Study Centre
Views Farm
Windmill Hill
Great Milton
Oxfordshire OX44 7NW

How do I find Views Farm?
The location is conveniently just west of the M40. From the north leave the M40 at J8A then travel a few miles south on country lanes to reach Views Farm which is up on a ridge known as Windmill Hill. From the south leave the M40 at J7 and go west on the B4009 towards Watlington and then turn right (north) on the B480 to Stadhampton, then right again on the A329 to Great Milton. See guide maps from the M40 to the Study Centre.

Report on V8 Technical Day 2016
Report on V8 Technical Day 2015

Posted: 190221 & 190530
Update: 190222 - see update

Many thanks to fellow RV8 member Charles Peers for the use of the study centre on his farm.
The V8 Technical Day 2019 for V8 members is to be held at the Study Centre, Views Farm, Great Milton with refreshments on arrival and a prompt start at 1015. The aim of the day is to provide a compact series of presentations on topics which will be interesting and topical for fellow MGV8 members. Programme covers:

Are waterless coolants a worthwhile option for an MGV8?
What waterless coolants are and their claimed benefits, then an assessment of waterless coolant products ending with a recommended choice of coolant for an MGV8.

Trackers help secure your MGV8 and aid a successful recovery if it is stolen
What trackers can do by monitoring a classic car, by notifying you of any disturbance to the vehicle, how a tracker can help recover the car if were to be stolen, the available tracker options, how they are installed, what 24/7 monitoring services are available and what are the costs of the kit, installation and monitoring services.

Replacement 5-speed Mazda gearbox for an MGBGTV8
The kit and how it performs in an MGV8, what is involved with an installation and any necessary modifications, who can supply and install the kit, and what are the costs.

MGV8 market report and price guide update
An update on the 6 monthly market review and price guide released in May 2019 on the V8 Website, followed by a short Q&A session.

Tyre ageing effects and timing prudent replacement
An update following the articles in the V8 Newsletter published in the April 2019 issue of Safety Fast!

Additional topics proopsed by members
Members' questions on the presentations and also questions on an additional topics will be discussed with a panel. The session will take the form of a Q&A session. See the Additional Topics on page 2 of the programme.
Bookings from fellow members  

1. Nic Houslip
2. Tony Lake
3. Peter Berry
4. Andy Goves
5. Christian Disney
6. John Cumming
7. Shiela Cumming
8. Victor Smith
9. Lesley Smith
10. Clive Wheatley

11. Geoff Martin
12. Chris Bound
13. Martin Selwyn
14. John Hale
15. Paul Keeler
16. Geoff Edwards
17. Carol Edwards
18. David Worthington
19. Roger Powell
20. Charles Peers
21. Malcolm Venables
22. Tom Peers
23. Roger Mole
24. David Halliday
25. Geoff Clarke
26. Mike Russell
27. Ian Woods
28. Keith Mitchelson
29. Ken Clayton
30. Ian Hanstead
31. David Wilks
32. Ralph Hardwick
33. Dugald MacNeill
34. Phillip Gent
35. Nigel Guild
36. Graham Brown
Please note the maximum number of places at this event is 40. - See the programme for the day
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