Tracker seen at the NEC Classic Car Show 2018

Classic-Tracker has a stand at the NEC Classic Car Show in Hall 3, next to the MG Car Club stand.

Classic car thefts are increasing
With rising classic car values, thefts of classics are increasing. They are stolen by determined criminals, in some cases to be broken for spares. What a fate for a cherished classic car? The vital thing for a classic car owner is to be alerted to any interference with the car and, if it is stolen, to have information as to where the car is to enable recovery to be achieved. The likelihood of the police responding and actively working to recover the car will be far, far greater with live information on the whereabouts of a stolen classic car. That's where a tracker is a vital device.

Fundamentals of classic car security from Classic-Tracker. More

Note: all images on this NEWS report are screengrabs from the Classic-Tracker website. Classic-Tracker website

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Classic Tracker - Standard WIRED

This is their most popular tracker. Supplied with a separate wiring loom, it requires only three wired connections - a permanent supply, ground (earth) and ignition. More

Service packages
They offer three service levels - Safe, Safer & Safest - ranging from only simple SMS-text based alerting to a service providing full interaction with the police in the event your vehicle is stolen. More
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