In 2018 there will be two anniversaries for MGV8 enthusiasts - the 40th anniversary of the formation of the V8 Register in 1978 and the 45th anniversary of the launch of the MGBGTV8 model in 1973. Above is our logo for the V8 40th Anniversary.

Our Looking Back series has a collection of photos recalling the earlier years of both the MGBGTV8 model and the V8 Register.
Looking Back

Ken Clayton (V8 Tours Coordinator) and Nic Houslip (V8 Chairman).

Victor Smith (Founder & past V8 Chairman) and Jim Gibson (Founding member, past V8 Chairman & former V8 Treasurer) with the Gold Cup.

Two series of workshop notes are one of the resources valued by members with notes contributed since the V8NOTES series was launched in 1978 and the RV8NOTES in 1996. The combined total of notes will reach 1,000 in 27 volumes in 2018.

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V8 Register 40th anniversary of the formation in 1978
The first meeting of MGBV8 enthusiasts was at the inaugral dinner held during the MG Car Club's weekend annual meeting at Silverstone in May 1979. Alongside are most of the founding members: John Dupont, Alan Kingwell, The late Geoff Allen, Jerry Bright, Charles Williams, Howard Gosling, Peter Beadle, Tony Hilton, Victor Smith and Mike Maude-Roxby. Jim Gibson, Eric Prasse and Tom Studer were at this initial meeting but somehow missed the photo.

In 2015 the V8 Register was awarded the MG Car Club's Nuffield Gold Cup for the good work, support and friendship provided by the the V8 Register and its volunteers for fellow V8 enthusiasts over many years. Alongside celebrating receiving the award are Tudur Jones, Richard Withington, Tony Lake, Jim Gibson, Chris Yates and Clive Wheatley.

MGBGTV8 45th anniversary of the launch of the model
Launched at the Motor Show in August 1973 the MGBGTV8 was a stunning display up on a ramp on the MG stand. The launch photos released by BLMC publicity show an understated sportscar with what was then a very good performance when compared with far more expensive cars.

The brochures and adverts for the MGB and MGBGTV8 at the time are memorable. Brochures & adverts