Wing off an MGBGTV8
Gordon Mallett posted some photos on our V8 Register Facebook Group showing his initial findings on removing the offside front wing. He says "my poorly front wing is off the car. I was supposed to be starting a full restoration on my V8 this year, but last years stay in hospital has meant I’ve had to postpone it while I get some more cash together.

The wing is the original one fitted when new as it still has traces of Bracken paint on the inside, just like that around the wing bolt holes.The car was originally finished in Bracken but is now is Basillica Blue. The trumpet section is sound, so no nasty there meaning I need to ground it, although there are a couple of areas that will need repairing when the time comes. I have a good secondhand wing to fit for now although it’s in a very fetching shade of Tundra and came from another rubber bumper V8 that has succumbed to a full restoration and conversion to chrome. I’m staying rubber as that’s what MG intended".

MGBGTV8 nears restoration stage
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Posted: 180529