MGBGTV8 nearing the stage when a restoration will be undertaken

Photos alongside: Llanberis at the Victoria hotel where the Preston & District MG Enthusiasts' Club, were staying during their annual weekend away.

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Part of the MGBGTV8 article in Classic and Sportscar in their August 1992 issue featuring Bracken 2442.
Gordon Mallett's attractive rubber bumpered MGBGTV8 is finished in Basillica Blue but was originally in Bracken. Gordon says "I discovered a couple of months ago, after speaking to a previous owner of my car, it was featured in a full page write up in Classic and Sportscar in their August 1992 issue on page 145. I was really excited when I discovered this but was then a little deflated once I opened the page as I was hoping for some colour photos. In all the photos I have of my car it is wearing a gold MG badge on
the front bumper. Although it is during the right period to have had one as it was produced in April 1975. In the history file I have a receipt for the purchase of the car in about 1992, so I was hoping for a colour photo. The article also answers a few questions about the car, such as when the webasto roof was fitted. According to the article it was fitted at the original dealer".

Gordon remembers that a few years ago the V8 Registrar "made a check as the original engine had been replaced and it was discovered the replacement engine in my car is from an earlier chrome bumper car (Damask 1591) that no longer exists. I was thinking of contacting Classic and Sports Car to see if they still had the original negatives from the article, of better still more pictures of the car showing the dash as there is a time clock mounted where originally earlier cars had the overdrive switch. I think this probably was also dealer fit as if was registered new as a dealer demo car".

In fact Gordon's car was produced as Bracken 2442 and despatched in April 1975 to Whites (Camberly) in Surrey.

Gordon mentioned he has been following Mike Macartney's V8 Roadster Rebuild series with great interest because he is preparing to undertake a restoration of his V8 when it will be returned to its original body colour, Bracken. He adds "I do have original wheels but they are waiting a refurb".