Update on Vnuk

An EU consultation on the Motor Insurance Directive closes on Friday this week
So if you want to send in your views on the compulsory insurance proposals in the EU's Motor Insurance Directive then you will need to move quickly.

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Vnuk - what's going on?
V8 Website NEWS
Thursday 12th October 2017
An extraordinary situation seems to be developing with what one would assume are unintended consequences. But the puzzling thing is that no one else in Europe sees it as nearly as apocalyptic as we do in the UK.

compulsory insurance cover proposals are a result of a decision of the European Court of Justice (known as ‘Vnuk’) in 2016, which reinterpreted the EU Motor Insurance Directive.

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Threat to classic car motorsport
Classic Car Weekly
Wednesday 18th October 2017
This was their lead article saying "an EU consultation on the Motor Insurance Directive closes on Friday this week. The directive proposes changes to bring in compulsory insurance cover for vehicles that can be accessed by the public. Historic race and rally organisers says that Britian's classic car events are under threat as the new EU proposals would force them to have unlimited third party insurance cover. The Motor Industry Association say their contacts with all major insurers indicate insurers could not provide the unlimited cover of the type the EU/EC are suggesting.

Compulsory insurance under Vnuk
Wednesday 18th October 2017
The FBHVC update (see above) says "Vnuk has not gone away"!

It ends with "meanwhile we can all be reassured that an immediate requirement to extend the range of vehicles to be insured is not about to appear. There will be good notice".

See the report in the latest FBHVC NEWS 5-2017. You can see the newsletter via the FBHVC News link