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Posted: 170608
The latest Newsletter from the Federation has some useful updates on several topical issues:

Compulsory Insurance under the EU Motor Insurance Directive (‘Vnuk’)
Briefly, as a result of a decision of the European Court of Justice (known as ‘Vnuk’) which reinterpreted the EU Motor Insurance Directive, the UK Government has decided they need to compel insurance of all motor vehicles, whether or not they are used on the highway. They issued what they describe as a ‘Technical Consultation’ to assist them in more fully understanding the problems such a decision might have and to gain an understanding of the views of all those with an interest in the consequences. Clearly the major high profile consequence was the possible effect on motor sport, including historic motorsport, as the insurance industry has made clear their unwillingness to insure significant aspects of motor sport activities. Read more

Vehicle Excise Duty exemption - an unwelcome change
Vehicles manufactured up to 31 December 1976 are now under the Finance Act subject to a nil rate of VED. However, there is an important issue of which we ought to advise you. Up to this year, when a vehicle was in fact manufactured before the qualifying year end date but was first registered after that date, DVLA have accepted applications from its keeper, supported of course by valid evidence emanating from the vehicle manufacturer, to amend the V5C to show the correct manufacturing date and thus enable the vehicle to be included in the historic class. This arrangement was formally negotiated between DVLA and the Federation. DVLA will no longer do so. Read more

Low emissions zones
The UK Government issued a Consultation called ‘Tackling nitrogen dioxide in our towns and cities’. It is the consequence of a ruling of the High Court that the Government must produce a plan on improving air quality despite the calling of a general election when normally "purdah measures" would apply to the release of Government proposals . It is very general in nature but the Federation will be responding to relevant parts of the Consultation. Read more

Roadworthiness testing in the UK
Progress at the DfT on this matter appears glacial. The response to the Consultation, due to appear on 31st January 2017 has not appeared and will now presumably have to await the settling down of a new administration following the UK general election being held today.. Read more

And much more.