Code of conduct to protect auction buyers

This is the lead item in this week's issue of Classic Car Weekly.

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National Association of Motor Auctions (NAMA) represents companies that auction cars and has a code of practice which has been in place for its members since July 2012.

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Posted: 170614
The lead news item in this week's issue of Classic Car Weekly is a report that "established auction houses in the classic car industry are supporting the creation of a new code of conduct to protect buyers in an increasingly crowded marketplace". They add that "Silverstone Auctions, Anglia Car Auctions, Historics at Brooklands, Barons, and Dorset Vintage & Classic Auctions have all stated they would support a code of conduct setting classic car auction standards. There should be protection for clients and vendors".

The need for the code is that so many people attending auctions have never been to one before and a code of conduct is likely to give new customers confidence. One comment reported is "there are less-scrupulous firms out there that pay little heed to their customers and decent business practice in general".
NAMA Customer Charter
> Support best practice in the industry.
> To be fair to both seller and purchaser.
> To endeavour to protect the purchaser against defects in title.
> To commit to the NAMA Code of Practice.
> To ensure all staff are familiar with customers' rights under the code.
> To have complaints handling procedures.
> To provide access to an independent arbitration facility.