Updated weather prospects for MGLive! 2017

The Club's annual MGLive! meeting at Silverstone is next weekend - Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June. Alongside is a screengrab of an updated forecast on the BBC Weather website. It shows a slightly cooler weather than forecast earlier this week with a stronger NNW 13mph wind on the Saturday.

On Thursday and Friday we have V8 events too.

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Lunch at the Hook Norton Brewery on Friday 16th June 2017. More

RV8 Anniversary dinner on Friday 16th June 2017. More

MGLive! 2017 briefing. More

MGLive! 2017 layout. More

Refreshments in the V8 Marquee. More

Updated: 170612

Previous weather forecast in our NEWS item on 10th June 2017

Posted: 170610