Autotest and AutoSOLO events at MGLive! 2017

These events are being arranged by Mike Parker (Midget Register) and his team.

Applications to enter the event to:
Colin Grant
01235 849753

Posted: 170418
California Cup Autotest
Saturday 17th June 2017

This is a Clubman autotest with a course layout designed to include both forward and reverse manoevres, held on smooth tarmac on the infield area of the circuit at Silverstone. The vent is for roadgaing cars. Class 4 includes MGV8s and RV8s with MGAs, MBGs and MGCs. Entry is free to MG Car Club members. Maximum entrants will be 40 and minimum 20.

Sign on before 10.00am
Driver briefing at 10.00am (all entrants must attend)
Event starts at 10.10am
Supplementary regulations & entry form
Sunday 18th June 2017

This is a Clubman status AutoSOLO for road-going cars on a nominated infield area of the Silverstone Race Circuit. All vehicles must have been driven to the event.

Signing on will start at 9:00am within the holding area, at the designated Event Control.
Scrutineering and noise testing will start from 9:00am in the designated holding & service area for the AutoSOLO.
Following signing-on, drivers are required to remain with their car until it has been scrutineered.
There will be a drivers briefing at 10:00am. It is imperative that all drivers attend.
The event will start at 10:10am

This is a Clubman AutoSOLO with a course layout designed for forward direction only, comprising a series of numbered gates, slaloms and turns, laid out on a smooth tarmac surface. The intention is to have one or possibly two test layouts, with up to three runs at each, the aim being to complete the event within three hours of the start time. The number of entries will have a bearing on the total number of test runs. Timing will be by stopwatches, accurate to the displayed second. Entrants will be split into three groups, with one group marshalling, one group competing and the third group watching / preparing to compete. This order will rotate throughout the morning so everyone has maximum involvement in the event. Marshalling is an integral part of the event and non-compliance may lead to exclusion. Practicing will not be permitted. Drivers (and any assigned passenger) will be given time to walk the course layout before each test. Printed copies of the test layout(s) will be issued at event sign-on. maximum entry for the meeting is 40 and the minimum entry is 20. Entry is free to MG Car Club members.
Course length: The approximate maximum size for the test sites is 120m x 75m.
Supplementary regulations & entry form