London T-Charge exemption for some classic cars

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Rather confusingly there are four vehicle "zones" in London:
Congestion Charge zone
Emission Charge/T-Charge zone
Low Emission Zone or LEZ
Ultra Low Emissions Zone or ULEZ
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FBHVC working for classic car enthusiasts
The Federation for Historic Vehicle Clubs has been working with Sir Greg Knight (chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicle Group in Parliament In Westminster) to gain the exemption for Historic class cars.

Many thanks to Chris Hunt Cooke for providing information for this news item.
Posted: 170223
Uncertainty for classic car owners over the new Emissions Charge has ended with the London Mayor's office confirming that vehicles in the DVLA "Historic" road tax class will be exempt from the new Emissions Charge. The charge, also known as the T Charge or Toxic Charge, set at £10 a day, will be introduced from Monday 23rd October 2017. So whilst that will cover many classic cars built before 1976, many classics built from 1976 to 2006 will not have the benefit of the exemption. The new T-Charge will apply to all post "Historic" vehicles before the introduction of the Emission 4 standards in 2006.

To simplify compliance monitoring and administration, the zone covered by the T-Charge will be the same as the existing Congestion Charge zone - essentially central London.
So existing cameras will monitor drivers' payment of both charges.
Up to 10,000 vehicles are likely to be liable every weekday for the Emissions Charge levy taking the total daily charge for access to the Congestion Charge and Emission Charge Zones to £21.50.

The Ultra Low Emission Zone or ULEZ is due to be extended to an area out to the inside edge of the North and South Circular roads in London. Currently the London Mayor's office is looking at bringing that extension of ULEZ forward from 2020 to 2019.

It's likely other major cities in the UK where toxic air quality is a growing problem may bring in emissions zones over the next few years in order to constrain vehicle access.