No immediate plans to roll out E10 in the UK

Following a news item in Classic Car Weekly in November 2016 a very welcome news item is included in the latest newsletter from the Federation of Historic vehicle Clubs (FBHVC), the body that works hard to represent the interests of classic car enthusiasts in the UK.

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Posted: 170208
The FBHVC responded to the recent Department for Transport (DfT) consultation on Amendments to the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligations Order expressing concerns on on behalf of the classic car community about the use of fuel containing ethanol in historic vehicles. In their latest newsletter FBHVC say they "have just received a letter from DfT which includes the following statements, which we think we should share with you:

DfT say "you (FBHVC) note that the protection and requirement to make available E5 in the Motor Fuel (Composition and Contents) Regulations has not been required as E10 has not been rolled out. You also ask that all possible steps will be taken to ensure the continued widespread availability throughout the United Kingdom of a petrol fuel grade with no more than 5% ethanol, and when E10 might be introduced.

We are in regular contact with suppliers on the potential roll out of E10 and there are no immediate plans to roll out that E10 in the UK, and we aim to consult this year on proposals to amend the Motor Fuel (Composition and Content) Regulations to ensure an E5 petrol grade is made available in the event that E10 is rolled out in the UK."

The FBHVC newsletter item on this important matter ends with "this should serve to allay fears of a rapid introduction in the UK of E10 fuel and phase out of E5."