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Updated: 150811
Posted: 150731

MGBGTV8 features in Classic Car Buyer
In this wek's issue of Classic Car Buyer they have a two page feature on the MGBGTV8 by sub editor, Jack Grover. It's a good article and suggests typical examples are around £17,950 to £19,750. Their verdict is "it seems the 'BGTV8 is one of those cars that was, in a sense, built to be a classic and . . although the purchase price can be steep compared to a standard MGB, they are low when compared with many cars of an equivalent age and performance." They comment on comparative running costs saying " by our numbers it's possible to run a GTV8 for only £150 more a year than an ordinary BGT - when you put it like that this looks a no-brainer!"
In an email to Jack Grover I mentioned that "although it is a good review of the MGBGTV8 in many ways, I was very surprised there was no mention of the V8 Register which provides truly exceptional information and support for enthusiasts with the model - and a buying guide too. Our website is one of the best in the classic car world and available on an "open to all basis" to provide a warm welcome for potential new members".

The information and support we provide includes the V8 Workshop Notes series of useful servicing and spares tips contributed by members since its launch in 1979 which is rapidly approaching the 500th V8NOTE in the 13th volume, a six page buying guide plus a great deal of information on buying an MGBGTV8 including three checklists and advice on making a safe payment, an MGV8 price guide, MGV8s for sale adverts, news items like our reviews of the Budget statements (highlighting the news for classic car enthusiasts) usually released on our website within an hour of the Chancellor sitting down in the House of Commons and useful product reviews like the review of an economy GPS tracker for classic cars published in a recent issue of Safety Fast! I also mentioned our V8LIFELINE, a listing of all the specialist servicing and spares providers for MGV8 enthusiasts including two leading MGV8 service specialists which are not mentioned in the Classic Car Buyer article - Brown & Gammons and Clive Wheatley - which is surprising.

Reply from Jack Grover
"Please be assured that my oversight was not intentional! I did mention in passing that both the major clubs have registers for the "B GT V8", but your further information just goes to show what a valuable asset model-specific owners' organisations can be, especially for rarer cars like the eight cylinder MGs"
Jack Grover, Deputy Editor 150805

See our MGBGTV8 profile and buyers' guide and a webpage with many links for an enthusiast looking to get an MGBGTV8. See also our price guide.