CHIPnTRAC GPS vehicle tracker review and guides

We understand the supplier is no longer offering this tracker.

Review of the CHIPnTRAC GPS Tracker published in the July 2015 issue of Safety Fast! magazine.
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Guide to setting up and using the CHIPnTRAC tracker
Our 5 page guide highlights the need to obtain a SIM card for the tracker and then takes you though each stage of preparaing and then setting up the tracker and testing its response to text messages and providing situation reports as text mesages to your mobile phone.
Set up guide
& Short set up guide & SIM card tips &
SIM card from giffgaff

Guide to installing the CHIPnTRAC tracker
Our guide to installing the GPS tracker in an MGBGTV8 or RV8 is not published online for obvious reasons but a copy is available for current members of the MG Car Club who have registered an MGV8 with the V8 Register and who have provided us with their full name, contacts and the invoice number issued by the supplier with the CHIPnTRAC tracker they supplied.
Installation guide
& Crimping bullets & fastons