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Keith Belcher has a series of items from the past which capture the times and the interest people have had in an MGB.

WINKT series

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Posted: 200815

Dinky Toys' model MGBGTV8 seen through the packaging

MGBGTV8 in Damask on the cover of MG V8
David Stringer says "I posted that I have a Dinky MGBGTV8 model in box from 1993. I have owned it since this time. I checked on the UK DVLA site and see that the car exists with this registration but is on a SORN at present.. It would be good to see if the owner has this model? Dinky probably made 1000s? Let me know if the owner is interested".

Most MGV8 enthusiasts would recognise this MGBGTV8 with its registration plate as it has appeared on the cover of several MGV8 books written by the well know author David Knowles and it is his MGBGTV8. The body colour of the Dinky Toy model does not look like Damask, more like Blaze. See a review of the book, MG V8