Well, I never knew that!

Keith Belcher has a series of items from the past which capture the times and the interest people have had in an MGB.

WINKT series

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Posted: 200812

Ronnie Cray on holiday in his MGB Roadster.

Fours crays in the MGB Roadster.
Is there anyone looking? No? Now people, keep this under your hat, I'll whisper in case others are earwigging. Some parochial newspaper, I think it’s called the Daily Mail, reported that Ronnie Kray, one of the famous criminal twins, was once photographed in an MGB. The left-hand drive, primrose MGB Roadster was registered GG 22490. It sports a radio aerial and an early type of wing mirror on the driver’s door. The photo is thought to have been taken, in the 1960s whilst Ron was on holiday. He is known to have travelled to France, Greece and Spain. Any ideas which country? Does the car survive or was it murdered?

There is another photo, this time in poor quality black & white of four people in the same car, but from a slightly different angle. It is captioned "Charlie Kray, Reggie Kray, Ronnie Kray and Dolly Kray out in the country". Now why are the pictures so similar but different? Is it a fake? I don't suppose we will ever know. Don't forget I said mum's the word. Now where did I put my disguise . . . . . . . I'm off!