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Keith Belcher has a series of items from the past which capture the times and the interest people have had in an MGB.

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Posted: 200806

Do you remember Valerie Singleton?
Yes that's her, the girl with Christopher Trace or Peter Purves and John ("Get down Shep") Noaks presenting BBC TV's Blue Peter. The TV show that made sticky back tape, tissue paper, toilet roll centres, milk bottle tops and empty Fairy liquid bottles the important collectors items they are today.

Fun fact: - did you know that Christopher was Charlton Heston’s body double in the 1959 film epic Ben-Hur? They made things like Daleks, Planes and Centurion tanks. And who can forget Lulu the elephant? Ah yes, I remember helping my younger brother, watching Anthea Turner, making a Tracy Island. Embarrassing that, he was 30 years old in 1991! But I digress...... back to our Val.

Valerie Singleton recently recalled that her best ever two cars were white MGB convertibles. She could still reel off both their licence numbers. She went on to say "I was presenting Nationwide at the time. One evening we had the instruction from the floor manager to find something to talk about, as we were a bit light on content. There had been some criticism of British Leyland during the programme, so I piped up saying how pleased I was with my MGB. Next day British Leyland’s PR man called, offering me an upgraded model!”

Selling the MGB proved a bad mistake, even though it was necessary at the time. “I had the MGB, my boyfriend (who was the well known DJ, Pete Murray) had a Mercedes SL and we were only being allowed one parking permit by the local council,” she explained. “So I sold the MGB and then we promptly split up. He said I could keep the Mercedes, but it turned out to be a terrible car, very expensive to maintain and always going wrong."

She went on to say of this was her favourite photograph saying "This is us with my first lovely MG". But shhhhhhhhhh. Don't spoil her memory, we can see it is not her MGB but Pete's Mercedes. Lets not be cruel to a true MGB lover.