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Keith Belcher has a series of items from the past which capture the times and the interest people have had in an MGB.

WINKT series

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Joan Valerie Hall, CBE (born 31st August 1935) is a former British Conservative Party politician and secretary. At the 1970 general election she was elected Member of Parliament (MP) for the marginal seat of Keighley with a majority of 616 votes, becoming its first female MP. However, at the February 1974 election she lost by 878 votes to the Labour candidate Bob Cryer.

Posted: 200806
Although Margaret Thatcher was seen in film and photos in a Harvest Gold MGBGT, many have assumed she owned it. The truth, according to her authorised biography, is the car was owned by her friend Miss Joan Hall, the formr MP for Keighley, who drove her throughout the 1975 Conservative Party leadership election in February 1975. She probably got the idea for her "This Lady is not for turning!" from the heavy steering on the MGBGT?