Early MGBGTV8 was a product exhibit in the hall at Longbridge
A longstanding V8 Register member and former V8 Scribe, Gavin Bailey, has made contact with a former owner of his MGBGTV8 (Glacier White 0199) and sent him some photos of the car.
In the USA today & restoration

Gavin Bailey says "the chap in the blue overalls is Phil Buskell, a friend of mine who restored it for me at his restoration business in Norfolk. It was not an easy rebuild as it had been restored before at least once in its life and not particularly well. It was solid but the panel gaps were all over the place! I also took it up to Peter Burgess for setting up on his dyno. It has Burgess gas-flowed Econotune heads and certainly ran better after the visit!"

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MGBGTV8 Glacier White 0199. More

Phil Buskell did the restoration in Norfolk. More
Gavin Bailey has owned this MGBGTV8 for just over 25 years and during that time it's been his daily driver, joined various V8 Register tours all over the UK and was recently rebuilt shortly before he emigrated to the US. He completed a 5,000 miles road trip from Arkansas to San Diego in California last summer driving across stretches of desert in New Mexico where the temperatures reached 116F. It was quite a shakedown trip for the car and it proved totally reliable. It's an early production car and was owned by British Leyland when new, displayed in the exhibition hall as a product exhibit at Longbridge. That explains why it was not immediately registered and was on a 74 "N" plate rather than a 73 "M".