Top ten counties for classic cars and for MGBGTV8s?

The top ten counties in the UK for MGBGTV8 ownership have been identified from the V8 Database with Surrey at 5.4% the clear leader, followed by Hampshire (4.3%) and Kent (4.2%) as the top three. Over 70% are in the Home Counties and Greater London.

Other than the West Midlands in eighth place, other leading counties are Lancashire (2.6%), Cheshire (2.0%), Avon (1.9%), North Yorkshire (1.7%), West Yorkshire (1.7%), Lincolnshire (1.7%), Worcestershire (1.6%), South Yorkshire (1.6%) and Somerset (1.6%). So Yorkshire as whole has 5.0% so would rank second overall. Scotland as a whole has 2.5% so would rank thirteenth.

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Source: Carole Nash
Where are most classic cars owned in the UK?
The table above highlights the top ten counties for classic car ownership. It comes from an article on the thismoney website.

Where are most MGBGTV8s owned in the UK?
The table above highlights the top eleven counties for MGBGTV8 ownership in the UK.

FBHVC National Vehicle Survey in 2016

The following data has been obtained from the report of a survey of Historic cars carried out by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs in 2016. Survey report