How many MGBGTV8s may be in a long term lay up?

An example of an MGBGTV8 that has been in long term lay up is a rubber bumper car recently seen offered for sale. Alongside is the Vehicle Enquiry Service check which shows the car has not been taxed since 1985 - 33 years ago - and it has no MOT.

Our Pricewatch NEWS report has been following the tale of how this car was offered for sale
by the long time owner, snapped up by a trader for a reported £6,000 and a few days later it was advertised in a forthright manner on eBay seeking bids. Following the end of bidding on Sunday 20th January 2019 it appears the final bid was a surprising £8,000 after 26 bids. A tasty 33% mark-up for a good cleaning job! But what will the successful bidder think when he sees the car and its condition? See our Pricewatch NEWS report on this car. More

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MGBGTV8 offered for sale in December 2018 came out of a long term lay up

How many MGBGTV8s may be in long term lay ups?
Looking at the records of MGBGTV8s registered with the V8 Database and comparing the number there with the MGBGTV8s shown as Taxed and SORNd on the "How Many Left?" website, it appears there could be around 250 in long term storage or lay up. Our V8 Database shows 1,196 MGBGTV8s are registered by owners in the UK and the How Many Left website data shows the Taxed and SORNd total is 948 indicating some 248 in a lay up. How many of those cars could come out for sale or a restoration during 2019? More

One of those cars came out of an extended lay up recently - it is the rubber bumper MGBGTV8s (Citron 2345) which has been advertised for sale recently as a car needing a restoration. Alongside is the Vehicle Enquiry Service report checking if the vehicle is taxed and has an MOT which shows the car has not been taxed for 33 years!

See the Vehicle Enquiry Service website