Trader offers Factory MGBGTV8 sold in August with a 60% mark-up in barely two months

At £26,995 it is priced just below the "Exceptional" price of £27,130 in our MGV8 price guide updated in May 2016.. That is an astonishing £10,485 or 60% higher than the advertised price barely two months earlier in August 2016 of £16,500.

Many V8 enthusiasts might feel the latest offered price is unrealistic but clearly worth a try for a trader. Realistically this car would be valued at nearer £20,000 or £21,000 and probably less. So it's on offer at about 32% or so above a realistic price. But of course there may be "alternative investment buyers" out there impressed by both the car and the upgrades and the smooth talk of a trader - we shall see!

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Advert posted on the V8 website in August 2016
£16,500 - Factory chrome bumper MGBGTV8 in Brooklands Green - private sale
Professionally restored in 1999 by HCR of Horam, Sussex. registered as "Historic" so no road tax and owned since January 2004. Onset of arthritis leads to a reluctant sale. Weathershield sunroof. Weber carburettor, K&N air filter; Lumenition ignition, tubular exhaust manifolds and stainless steel exhaust system, coil-over front suspension and anti-tramp bars at rear; Minilite style wheels; twin 12 volt batteries leather seats, thick pile carpets. Instruments have magnolia dials, Mota-Lita wooden steering wheel,
rear shock absorbers and king pins replaced, radiator re-cored and water pump replaced. Advert posted of the V8 website in mid August 2016.
The car was sold in 9 days to the trader now offering it for sale again.
See advert on our MGV8s for Sale webpage and an A4L PDF with additional photos linked to the advert.

Advert seen in October 2016 on a trader's website
£26,995 - Factory chrome bumper MGBGTV8 in BRG - trade sale

Advert says "restored in 1998, last owner for 12 years with continuing improvement: a Webber carburettor, K&N filter, tubular exhaust manifold, Luminition ignition, reconditioned radiator, new water pump, twin 12 volt batteries, front coil over springs and dampers, anti tramp brackets and new rear shock absorbers, leather trim upgrade ". Over 30% mark-up in two months since the car was sold in August 2016. Registered with the V8 Database. Advert seen online in mid October 2016.
See trader's website