Beware of scam from an overseas buyer!
How to spot this type of scam
Rick Morton had his RV8 for sale through an advert of the V8 Website and reported a scam which members who are selling a V8 need to note. Rick says "I just thought I would update you on my recent experience with trying to sell my RV8 before I withdrew it from sale. Both Jerry Winfield, a fellow RV8 enthusiast trying to sell his car, and I heard from the same person but I also had several other emails from other scammers with roughly the same approach. Basically this person agrees to buy your car, but because they say they are overseas they will send you a cheque for more than the asking price to cover shipping costs etc. He then asks if you could bank the cheque and send the balance to his shipping agent via a money transfer. Subsequently you find the cheque bounces but only after you have sent the balance to the shipping agent. This scam relies on your ignorance of how the cheque clearing system works in the UK. The problem arises because banks update their computers on day three of the clearing cycle, so if you check with them at that time, you may very well be told that the funds are available. It will only be on day four that the bank realises that there is a problem, and on day five that they tell you the cheque has bounced and they are no funds credited to your account. Weekends and Bank Holidays all add to the delay. In my case the scam merchant was going to send me a cheque for £3,400 more than I was asking for the car. I was to subtract the cost of the car and send the remainder to his "shipping agent"." So members need to be alert to this scam and any approach from the scam merchants!
More examples of these scams
There has been a growing problem from fraudsters who have spotted an easy scam with "buying" cars or motorcycles advertised for sale, often as online adverts but in magazines too. If you are thinking of selling a car then do make sure you are aware of how these scams work.

Graham Bartholomew had advertised his RV8 for sale on the V8 website and received an email from the Rev Andrew Temilade which he felt looks like another scam. The email is reproduced below in the form it was received including spelling and punctuation mistakes.

Goodday Sir/Ma,
I will like to purchase the above Car which you advertised for sell over the internet, i saw it during my search and i want to get it for my daugther who is getting married soon,as her gift.I need to no the working condition of the car, the final price which you want to sell the car. what will be the method of payment.The easiest method of payment will be by bank draft.please get back to me if you accept my enquiry so that we can proceed.Hope to here form you soon. May his presence be with us always.Amen

Richard Smallwood had advertised his MGBGTV8 for sale on the V8 website and reported "I have received an email today from a firm in America which sounds a little suspicious to me?". The email is reproduced below in the form it was received including spelling and punctuation mistakes.

I am Mark White,manager of Mark autos, Ridderstraat 2320 Madison Street, hollywood , Fl, Usa. We specialise in purchase of Autos (car and bike) for customers here in America, and we get paid in commission, after payment has been confirmed by the seller to the buyer. I write you on behalf of our client to contact you and arrange for the buying and shippment of your vehicle which our client saw on the internet, we would like to know the conditions of the said vehicle and probably arrange for payment to get to you and shippment.
My customer interested in purchasing your car mentioned above for the sum of 9,750 ,and we will arrange for the pick up of the car once payment is confirmed cleared by you. Please acknowledge the offer and we will inform the buyer of your confirmation of acceptance to sell and have the funds remitted to you as soon as possible, and I'll like this transaction to be kept in utmost trust. I hope you can understand. Our office is located in America, as stated above.