Dramatic start at the MGB race at the Goodwood Revival meeting 2022

See a video clip of the start of the Lavant Cup race for MGBs.
Video clip

Video clip contributor: Lorraine Noble-Thompson (V8 Register member)

Posted: 220927

Photo 1 - grid waiting for the start

Photo 2 - the blue MGB Roadster moves to the left edge of the track to avoid the red MGB which is slow to get away.

Photo 3 - flag down and the grid moves off - except the red MGB Roadster on the left with the white hardtop. Other competitors dive round the car creating a chaotic situation.

Photo 4 - cars are tightly packed as they accelerate towards Madgwick Corner with some physical contact - and then the white MGB spins causing other competitors to dive off to avoid it causing more chaos.

Photo 5 - chaos continues with heavy braking and swerving to avoid the spinning white MGB Roadster.

Photo 6 - just tyre smoke left to drift over the approach to Madgwick Corner as the pack leave the corner. Video