MGBGTV8 with a connection to Concorde

This MGBGTV8 has been very well cared for over the years by a number of owners one of whom had a body colour change when the car was restored by Heritage Classics of Teessside. Today it continues to look a very attractive and well maintained car with a few subtle upgrades like electronic ignition. You can see an interview with the current owner via the video link .

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MGBGTV8 (Bracken 1152) in 2013 when owned by David Catterick. He sold it through an advert on the V8 website.

MGBGTV8 (Damask 1152) in 2022 at Brooklands, now owned and enjoyed by Paul Newman.
Interesting history of this good looking MGBGTV8

April 2022 - Paul Newman
, current owner of MGBGTV8 (Damask 1152), appears on a video recorded by the SE Centre of the Club at the Brooklands Museum in Surrey. His enthusiasm for the car is clear as he is interviewed parked alongside Concorde on display there. See the video

October 2015 - MGBGTV8 (Damask 1152) was registered by a member in Surrey
. It was later sold - we believe to Paul Newman in Kent.

June 2013 - MGBGTV8 (Damask 1152)
was registered with the V8 Database by a member in North Yorkshire. The new owner then had the car restored by Heritage Classics of Teessside involving a change of body colour to Damask. It was later sold in 2015.

May 2013 - MGBGTV8 (Bracken 1152)
was advertised for sale on the V8 website by David Catterick - and sold within 2 days!
The description of the car in the advert posted in May 2013 is interesting:
1974 Factory Chrome Bumper MGBGTV8 (Bracken 1152) was bought through the V8 Register in August 2010. With 91,000 miles. MOTs back to 1991 (at 64,000 miles) and five previous owners including an interesting first owner. Autumn leaf interior, front seats in leather, Dunlop wheels, Webasto roof and Moto-Lita steering wheel. Bought as a family car when my MGA was no longer practical, but my children have now outgrown the bench seat! A lot of professional work undertaken over the last 3 years to make this a stunning ready- to-use car. Work included: bodywork sorted in 2011 with new panels as necessary and magnificent bare metal respray in original Bracken. Fully waxoyled and sealed. Chrome replaced as necessary. Electronic ignition, 12v conversion (Bosch battery), new rear springs with upgraded rear shocks, Continental ContiEcoContact 3 tyres approximately 1,000 miles ago and alarmed.
This car has had the minimum modifications from the original specification, has stunning looks, drives and handles superbly and is a reluctant sale. Work was carried out by Willow Triumph in Darlington.

July 2010 - MGBGTV8 (Bracken 1152) was registered with the V8 Database by a member in Durham.

June 2010 - MGBGTV8 (Bracken 1152) was registered with the V8 Database by a member in Worcestershire.

A subsequent registration of MGBGTV8 (Bracken 1152) was made by a member (probably in the 1990s) in Dorset. There are no earlier registrations of this car on the V8 Database.

Original owner was Peter Baker, a Concorde test pilot. This is mentioned by Paul Newman in the video - that explains why he is parked up for the interview under the nose of the Concorde at Brooklands.

January 1974 -
MGBGTV8 Bracken 1152) went through "Paint Finishing" at the MG Plant on 4th January and was despatched from the Plant on to Lex Motors (Gloucester) Limited on 9th January.