Rare pre-production RV8 for sale

The first RV8 Adder, which was effectively the first pre-production RV8 with the vehicle identity number "900000" and build reference "ADD VAL03", is coming up for sale at a Classic Car Auctions auction on 24th September 2022. It was the first recognisable RV8 finished in the bold Flame Red colour and still has its original registration "K638 WOK". The proud owner is Peter O'Hare who bought the car from Richard Higgins in 2006.

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Updated: 220721
Posted: 220721
Peter O'Hare has entered his RV8 for sale at an auction in September but very much would like this rare pre-production example to go to a real MGV8 enthusiast. There is also a great deal of documentation on offer with the car.

1992 MG RV8 Val 03 with the original registration K638 WOK, Body No.1 and VIN 900000. Peter says it's an "historical vehicle retaining lots of original features". A considerable amount of documentation is available that includes the RV8 Marketing Platform, Volume sign off brochures plus internal memos and timeline etc. Service and MOT history is included.

The sale is being handled by Classic Car Auctions at their auction on Saturday 24th September 2022.

Additional notes of interest
The Company (MG Rover) registered the car with the DVLA as a "Rover". Apparently they did this with several early cars.

How did Peter O'Hare acquire the car?
Peter worked in engineering at the Rover Cowley plant and sat opposite Richard Higgins (Development Engineer, then Production Liaison Manager RV8). Peter purchased the car from him in November 2006. Richard had acquired the car as a rolling shell in 1996 and put it back on the road.

Peter O'Hare has in his possession
A considerable amount of documentation with the car:
> The prototype front & rear bumpers.
> The moulded rear hood finisher - never used in production.
> RV8 polo shirt.
> RV8 tie.
> The RV8 Commemorative Shield.
> Framed 1000mm x 700mm RV8 poster presented to Roy Belcher a member of the RV8 production team.

Some interesting features related to the car
> The bonnet stay was engineered for the N/S (bracket on the bonnet) but had to be switched to avoid fouling the air flow meter. Hence the requirement for the Mk1 broom handle bonnet stay.
> The engine bay still contains lots of pre-production labels .
> The plain engine plenum.
> Servo - no one is quite sure whether it is a modified MGB or Mini or Ambassador. It is definitely not the same as the one used on volume production.
> The offside inner wing had to be modified to accommodate the exhaust pipes.
> The spare wheel stands proud in the boot resulting in a change to the boot floor pressing for volume production plus the movement of the boot lock. It is very difficult to get the spare out, hence there is no backboard carpet lining in the boot as this allows a bit more movement when accessing the spare.
> The photo of the boot lock carpet shoes the relocated cut out location on the volume production cars.
> The anti tramp bars were a post production fitment following a road test.
> The repainted body (before I purchased the car) still retained it's original colour Flame Red (COF) was due to Krafthaus using it as a styling buck for the hard top.

Peter says "to retain structural originality I have only allowed myself to add/amend the following":
> A set of 4 Compomotive split section wheels that are identical to the Rover wheels and were used by the RV8 race team.
> An override switch to activate the electric engine fan.

The car is always kept in a garage that has an insulated roof, with frost stat heater & dehumidifier.
The car is always off the road for the winter period and with over 95% dry usage.

Some body observations
> There are visible gaps where the sills do not fit correctly on both sides of the car.
> No proper bonnet stay.
> Gaps around the headlight surrounds.
> Passenger door alignment is a mile out.

I have always held the view: "That is how the car was built and that's the way it stays"