First batch of RV8 rear lamp units available from Clive Wheatley

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Replacement RV8 rear lamp is available
Many RV8 owners have endured the frustration of having a broken rear lamp and, being unable to get a replacement, have in some cases not been able to get an MOT pass so they can take their car out on public roads. The good news is RV8 enthusiast Jim Greenhill and RV8 spares specialist Clive Wheatley have made good progress in getting a new supply of RV8 rear lamps made using modern 3D printing technology and hand crafting the backing. Also it's fortunate that the RV8 rear lamp is not handed.

Clive Wheatley has received his first batch of the RV8 rear lamp new units.
They are priced at £495.83 plus VAT (£595.00) each plus P&P. Priority will be given to V8 Members with a damaged RV8 rear lamp unit which has caused an MOT failure.

Contact Clive Wheatley mgv8parts to discuss your need for a replacement rear lamp. Contact

The renewed availability of this essential spares item will be welcome as it will avoid further opportunist online offers from speculators like the one seen on eBay in recent months with an RV8 rear lamp unit priced at an eye-watering £1,500! More

Update - disclaimer
As each of these replica RV8 rear lamp units is hand crafted, mgv8parts cannot guarantee any two lamps will be an exact match.
Whilst every care and effort has been made to make this replica rear lamp unit as near to the original as possible, there will be small manufacturing differences. This is because each individual lamp has been hand crafted differently from the conventional way the original lamp was made. Consequently Clive Wheatley mgv8parts cannot guarantee that any two lamp units will be an exact match due to the fact they have not been produced by a machine. 220519