Syd Enever's aims for the MGB

Posted: 220116
In a Facebook post David Knowles released a copy of the comments Syd Enever made to the press at the launch of the MGB in 1962. Eleven years later in August 1973 the MGBGTV8 model was launched with a significantly more powerful engine but sadly with limited production of around 2,600 V8s.

David adds in his Facebook post that we should look out for his two new books coming this year on the MGB and Syd Enever.

Looking back
"Our aim is to give Sportscar motoring to as many people as possible, and to give it to them at the right price.

We do not want to make a small quantity of high priced, specialised cars for the few.

At the same time we set out to provide the fastest possible car, combined with the greatest possible degree of safety".