Where can you get E5?

Keith Belcher has sent in a table from a report in the Sun newspaper which sets out the key locations for E5 fuel.

Another useful source for tracking down the prices of fuel in your area is to log-in with petrolprices.com which provides regular reports of prices. It's interesting how they can vary in an area and just a little effort in visiting a fuel station which may be not close to you can make a significant saving of between 2p and 12p (and more) per litre. So on an MGBGTV8 fuel tank with a capacity of 54 litres you could, on filling up with say 50 litres, save between £1 and £6 a fill.

See our earlier NEWS items on E10 and on Esso Synergy Premium+ 99 E5 which in many locations has zero ethanol.
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Probably around 700,000 older cars in the UK, including most classic cars, will not be compatible with E10 fuel. Owners are faced with two choices: modify their car to protect the fuel system including using ethanol resistant fuel hose or chose to use the more expensive E5 "protection grade" of fuel. The "E5" logo on pumps indicates the fuel "has up to 5% ethanol" and in some regions within the UK Esso premium fuels have zero ethanol.

Compatibility checker on GOV.UK
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E10 on forecourts today
(Wednesday 1st September 2021)

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Ethanol free petrol - Esso
Synergy Supreme+ 99 Unleaded
Legislation requires Esso and other motor fuel suppliers to place E5 labels on pumps that dispense unleaded petrol with ‘up to 5% ethanol’, including those that contain no ethanol. More

How do E10 and E5 petrol prices compare?
Here we look at prices in the Reading area in Berkshire:
Esso - E5 @ 133.0p and E10 @ 145.9p so premium for E5 of 12p per litre or £6.00 for a 50 litre fill.
BP - E5 @ 135.9p and E10 @ 143.9p so a premium for E5 of 8p per litre or £4.00 for a 50 litre fill.
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