E10 on forecourts today
(Wednesday 1st September 2021)

What is the likely extra cost of using an E5 protective grade for a classic car like an MGV8?
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E10 unleaded on forecourts today
Probably around 700,000 older cars in the UK, including most classic cars, will not be compatible with E10 fuel. Owners are faced with two choices: modify their car to protect the fuel system including using ethanol resistant fuel hose or chose to use the more expensive E5 "protection grade" of fuel. The "E5" logo on pumps indicates the fuel "has up to 5% ethanol" and in some regions within the UK Esso premium fuels have zero ethanol. See our earlier report
Checking E10 compatibility
An online compatibility checker has been set up on the GOV.UK website where owners of classic cars, particularly modern classics, can see whether or not their classic is compatible with the E10 fuel. The website uses information supplied by car manufacturers but a check with some makes, like MG, produces no compatibility information on MGs made before 2005.

Below are scans of the sequence of webpages you will see on checking E10 compatibility for a classic MG. The GOV.UK E10 compatibiity checker is at:

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