Conversion carried out in 2013
A registration of the car by an enthusiast in Wiltshire on the website indicated the redesign was by Brook Anderson and the work was completed in 2013. Below is the MOT history from the GOV.UK website.

Sales history of this RV8GT
See our earlier Pricewatch report on the four occasions when this car has been seen advertised for sale. Report

MOT records from GOV.UK website

Posted: 171105

Paul Atkinson has reported "I was recently offered RV8 parts by someone calling themselves Kelvin Max with an address (which appears to be spurious) in SW Scotland, 'Dumfriesshire'. This individual claimed to be breaking an RV8 and sent me a picture of what purports to be something akin to an RV8GT, a model we all know was never factory produced. The registration number was corrupted in the photo provided, but my Google search for an MG RV8GT brought up the same picture with the readable registration L942 MCF.

He spun an unlikely tale about his ill health and advanced age being the reasons for breaking the car. I was invited to send a payment to his mechanic after which the parts would be left for me in the road outside his house. I live only circa 85 miles from the address given and in an effort to winkle out the truth I had volunteered to collect the parts. Needless to say I did not proceed, but perhaps fellow members should be warned to be careful. I have retained all 8 of the emails I received from the seller".

Some adverts for MGV8 spares which raise concerns often use a photo of a car the advertiser might have taken from a website where the car was featured. From the review of the sale of this car it was on offer during the years 2012 to 2017. Paul became concerned from the emails from the seller and eventually decided to abandon further contact. Here he passes on a caution for fellow members.
This RV8GT was first spotted for sale by David Knowles in a V8BB thread he launched in December 2012. From a search it was also found for sale on eBay - with bidding closing on 17th January 2013. It then reappeared for sale in May 2013 on the Piston Heads website saying an "unofficial conversion based on an old BGT, that combine the RV8’s updated looks and power with the classic coupe styling of the BGT. This is a rare beast, and sounds like bloomin’ brilliant fun, in a slightly scary, 'lots of power with old leaf springs and drum brakes' way. And while it’s a touch pricey for an RV8, quite frankly, we just don’t care. After all, where else are you going to find anything like it?" Then in July 2016 it was spotted by our Pricewatch team for sale again but the advert was removed in August 2016, again it was not clear whether the car had been sold but probably not." A year later in August 2017 an Autotrader advert online said "this is one of one. Now to the purist this may or may not be for you but if you like your cars individual then this is a strong contender. It's a Marmite MG and if it's not to your taste I totally understand but you still have to admire the effort that's been put in to this MG." The advert said the bodywork was carried out by Berkshire Body Shop in Newbury. Again it was not clear whether the car had been sold. In June 2018 the car was registered with the V8 Register by an enthusiast in Oxfordshire.