Workshop notes series continue to grow in 2020

The two sets of workshop notes have both continued to grow in 2020 with useful contributions from fellow members on maintenance, spares and other topics. With a total of 62 new notes in 2020 that's an average rate of 5.2 new notes a month or 1.2 a week.

Contributing an article or note
All contributions will be very welcome. We have an A4P twin column template in Word format you can use. Template

Complete sets of V8NOTES and RV8NOTES are available in PDF format on a Twister memory stick together with an online updates service.
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V8 Anniversary Year in 2023
In 2023 we will see the:
> 50th Anniversary of the MGBGTV8
> 45th Anniversay of the V8 Register
> 30th Anniversary of the MGRV8
Details of anniversary events will be released early in 2022 so overseas members can consider whether they could combine a visit to the UK and attending one or more V8 Anniversary events.

Posted: 201229
New workshop notes in each month during 2020 - Total = 62 with 44 V8NOTES & 18 RV8NOTES

Contributors in 2020
The two workshop notes series provide a useful store of information and tips on maintenance and spares topics for fellow MGV8 enthusiasts. Peter Spurrs and Jim Livingstone produced over 25 notes between them in the year, 41% of the total. The contributors in 2020 are listed alongside. Some contributors are overseas members like Aidan Pavey (Australia) and Andreas Gloor (Switzerland).

Behind the scenes both Chris Hunt Cooke, Nic Houslip and Tony Lake provide valuable support on legislative and technical matters for both sets of the workshop notes and for the NEWS items released on the V8 Website.