What was your favourite V8 Idle Moment in 2020?

What is a substantial meal?
Drinking in pubs could only be done when eating a substantial meal. A Matt Cartoon captures the igenious ways pubs woked on a solution! Nov 2020 More

The Brewers' answer to Tier 2
The new Tier 2: High alert England Covid regulations say "Pubs and bars can only open if they serve substantial meals. Alcohol can be served with that meal". Nov 2020 More

Who runs the press?
A memorable clip from "Yes Minister" yet still topical now. Jun 2020

Trump gets Covid
The New York Times reported in May 2020 that Trump "surprised nearly everyone when he suggested using powerful cleaning agents, through an injection, as a possible Covid-19 cure”. Oct 2020 More

Someone getting ready for a
big crap in Bournemouth?

Someone in Bournemouth took drastic steps to stock up on bog rolls! Even the dog looks puzzled. Mar 2020 More

Has someone farted in
Milton Keynes?

Someone took drastic steps to protect themselves on the platform at Milton Keynes station. Mar 2020 More

What are shortcummings?
Checking various dictionaries we have found some interesting definitions of a topical word! May 2020 More

New Covid speech regulations announced
A new measure intended to reduce the spread of Covid infections. Dec 2020 More

There be wallies!
Wallies on Bournemouth beach recently featured in a cartoon in the Sunday Times on 28th June 2020.
Jun 2020

UK Government says we must stay at home
But does that mean not enjoying our V8s? Click here to follow this useful advice. Mar 2020 Video

Wine offer
David Knowles mentioned some new words to be entered into the Oxford English Dictionary this year. They are known as "Lockdown lingo". Alongside is an example seen on offer on a popular website! May 2020 More

Release from lock down is coming
Keith Belcher has spotted this sign seen recently. Jun 2020 More
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West Australian Sympony Orchestra on Covid
An entertaining song for the moment. Oct 2020
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Beware of farming fields at
harvest time

Richard Withington sent in this item.

Nov 2020