Trump gets Covid
The New York Times reported in May 2020 that Trump "surprised nearly everyone when he suggested using powerful cleaning agents, through an injection, as a possible Covid-19 cure. Trump later claims his comment about injecting disinfectants was “very satirical”."

Let's see him take daily injections of Trumpestos Thick Original bleach and then hopefully that will rid us of the pestilence!

At the time of Mr Trump's comments, doctors appealed to people not to ingest or inject disinfectant because of the obvious serious risks in doing so. Consuming or injecting disinfectant risks poisoning and death. "Injecting bleach or disinfectant at the dose required to neutralise viruses in the circulating blood would likely result in significant, irreversible harm and probably a very unpleasant death," said Rob Chilcott, professor of toxicology at the University of Hertfordshire." Manufacturers of disinfectants released statements telling people not to inject it.

Posted: 201002
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