Replacement seat covers in Autumn Leaf?

John Upton's MGBGTV8 is a much travelled car - he was out in Malawi with his MGBGTV8 for many years. See his reports from there and from France.

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What is a Titre de Séjour?
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Posted: 201130
John Upton reports from Limoges in France that his "masks arrived on Friday – thanks". He adds "we are confined in Limoges and, in theory, need to fill in a form each time we go out, but I did manage to take the GTV8 for a brief run the other day. With the Brexit transition period ending the British members of our local MG club are striving to obtain their Titres de Séjours and French driving licences – there remains uncertainty over health care. As my wife is French I’ve managed to become a dual national. Issues remain, for example nobody is quite sure what the procedure will be for importing or exporting classic cars from or to the UK. No doubt all will be revealed in due course!"

Replacement seat covers in Autumn Leaf
John mentioned that his car’s Autumn Leaf interior is pretty original, but rather faded. One of the cloth seat covers had to be mended and they are both rather thin. "If I can’t find suitable replacement covers I will put things on hold until it’s time for a major restoration – my car has been repainted, in the original Bracken, but never restored". He has been looking for some replacement Autumn Leaf front seat covers, without success. He mentioned "I’ve approached various trim manufacturers/suppliers in the UK and it seems that the only replacement covers on offer that attempt to replicate the original cloth covers are those from Moss Europe but he was wondering if the Moss cover is anything like the original? As soon as Moss Europe is able to open again for sales over their counter the V8 Webmaster offered to drive to Moss at Hanworth and examine one of their Autumn Leaf seat covers and take a photo so John will be able to see the colour. But the Autumn Leaf colour, unlike the black or dark blue covers, will depend to a large extent on the colour of the fabric the supplier of the replacement covers has used and the possibility of any variation in the subtle Autumn Leaf colour. In any case over time the covers fade so getting a perfect match with replacement covers may prove difficult. Have any other members been successful in getting a good colour match with any replacement seat covers in Autumn Leaf?