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John Upton has recently retired and moved to France, along with his much travelled factory V8 - Bracken 1322. John purchased the car in the UK in 1992 and took it back with him to Malawi, Central Africa, where he had worked since 1985. John says "I enjoyed having the V8 in Malawi with sunny weather and surprisingly good roads with little traffic. The only slight problem with the V8 was that
the petrol (only one grade) was, even in 1985, at least 15% ethanol produced by a large local sugar estate. The "O" rings in the HIFs didn't like it and once a year or so the car would start to run very rich. I became quite apt at changing them. Incidentally I had a TR3 and a Jaguar S type as well and neither of these suffered, perhaps due to their older SU designs. Also, as the two major towns in the country, Blantyre and Lilongwe, are both almost 3,500 feet above sea level, a slightly leaner fuel mix was required." See John's article. More
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