V8 AGM 2020

The online V8 AGM was held at noon on Sunday 2nd August 2020.

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Posted: 200805
V8 Committee members elected
Chris Bound - V8 Secretary
Ken Clayton - V8 Events/Tours Coordinator
John Cumming - V8 Treasurer
Ralph Hardwick - Rebuilds & Restorations
Julian Holmes - V8 Facebook Group Admin
Ian Quarrington - V8 Kent Tour 2021
Victor Smith - V8 Chairman & Website
Peter Spurrs - Articles contributor
Clive Wheatley - Parts & technical

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The online arrangements for the V8 AGM 2020 and procedure have been necessary because of the Covid-19 social movement restrictions which resulted in MGLive! 2020 not being held where the V8 AGM 2020 was to have been held at noon on Sunday 14th June 2020. As the present Covid-19 restrictions would not permit a V8 AGM to be held it was decided to create an online V8 AGM 2020 where Members could receive full information and vote on the agenda items including the nominations of candidates for joining the V8 Committee..

Information was released on the V8 Website: first the formal notice of the meeting with the agenda was released on the V8 Website on 12th June 2020 with a copy published in the July 2020 issue of Safety Fast! Then an information webpage with full details of the meeting and the procedure was released on the V8 Website. The information webpage had the various reports, including the V8 Register's accounts for 2019 with the V8 Treasurer's report, and the nominations of Members wishing to stand for election to the V8 Committee. An online voting form was posted to the V8 Website and was available for three weeks so Members of the V8 Register were able to vote on the nominations and the resolutions as items on the agenda - for example the approval of the annual accounts for the V8 Register to 31st December 2019. No objections or issues over the online V8 AGM 2020 arrangements were raised by any Member prior to the meeting.

The members elected to the V8 Committee are set out alongside with links to their contacts and photos so fellow Members will be able to recognise them at events which hopefully we may see resuming again over the coming months.