Recent cartoons seen in the press

If you have missed the cartoons posted to the V8 Website recently, here we have a catch-up page.

Posted: 200315
Updated: 200316

Someone took drastic steps to protect themselves on the platform at Milton Keynes station. It seems to be worrying a couple of people nearby! More

Someone in Bournemouth took drastic steps to stock up on bog rolls! Even the dog looks puzzled.

Peter Brookes has an extraordinary skill in creating cartoons which capture a situation so well. More

Cartoonist in the Times, Newmain's cartoon in the Times is good. More

If the tickly cough doesn't get you, an avalanche of loo rolls just might. More

The mad rush to buy loo rolls is clearing supermarket shelves - the grim reaper is watching!

"This is your pilot speaking. I'm working from home today". More