Brass rear axle breathers available from Brown & Gammons

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Note: the B&G website will be updated to include the brass breather by next week.
Posted: 200207
Brass back axle breathers as a replacement for the original plastic item are now available from Brown & Gammons
Malcom Gammons has been in touch to say "just to let you know we now have the brass axle breathers in stock as well, with a current retail price of only £2.60 plus VAT or £3.12. More

Derek Squires highlighted in a workshop note that he found on checking his back axle that the plastic rear axle breather had sheared off at the top of the short threaded section that holds it into the axle, and so I now have an open hole of about 7mm diameter in the top of the axle to let in water and grit!" A few months later Richard Withington found a Land Rover brass breather which fits perfectly and is far better. Well worth making the change.