New MG models coming soon in Thailand
Franck Morand, our V8 Register member in Thailand, has sent in a video clip on "new models coming soon in Thailand" which include the MG Extender and the MG E-Motion Concept. Franck says "the Extender is apparently targeted at the Thai and Australian markets, but assembled in Thailand". With the surprise arrival of the MG Extender one wonders what may come next!
See video of the new MG models

MG sales pick up in Thailand - see an MG News article by David Knowles in MG Enthusiast in October 2019 which featured the Extender. More

MGs at the Bangkok International Motor Show in Thailand - see an earlier report from Franck Morand in August 2019 with news of a new people mover vehicle, the new 11 seater MG V80. More

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MG HS - see photos

MG6 1.5L turbo engine - see photos

MG Extender - see more photos

MG E-Motion Concept - see photos