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Retronics is the joint venture of two friends with shared and combined passions for classic motoring, modern and vintage electronics. Travelling thousands of miles every year, in all weathers, in his 1968 Morris led Andy Winters to realise how useful an intermittent wiper module adaption would be. With over 40 years experience in electronics, the expertise of Matt “Professor Brainstorm” Harris was put to good use as the pair set about designing, developing and testing the Retronics Wiper Timer Module or RWTM. More

MG RV8 has the sophistication of intermittent wipe with variable delay as standard equipment. More

Update: 191202
Posted: 191016
Andy Winters at Retronics, an innovative auto electronics company, has been in touch with news of new or improved products in its range of useful devices for classic cars:

All new Version 2 RWTM windscreen timer module
Andy Winters says "this is now available and is a device that connects differently to the vehicle and is a very different unit inside the box! It circumvents some occasional issues we found with vehicles with more complex wiring". See our review of the original RWTM in April 2019. More

Hazard light kit
Andy says "we are also launching our own hazard light kit (the RHLM) which uses our own PCB technology for complete reliability and accuracy. Press coverage will appear in the next few weeks".

Wiper timer module for non self parking wipers
Andy adds "next on our hit list is an industry first (I think!) - the RWTM(NSP) - a Wiper Timer Module for non self parking wipers! Details to follow in due course".

More information and how to buy
Installing the Retronics Windscreen Wiper Timer Module
The Retronics Windscreen Wiper Timer Module (RWTM) is a simple to install module which gives you multiple sweep intervals for your classic vehicle's one speed (or dual coil two speed) wiper motor - without removing or replacing any original parts! With only 4 wires to connect, a retro style control switch & an easy to hide control box, the RWTM gives you control over variable delay wiper sweeps in intervals of 2, 3, 4, 8 & 16 seconds. Your wiper motor's original function is unaffected. The RWTM works on positive and negative earth vehicles and comes will full instructions & everything you need to connect the RWTM to your vehicle. More

Update from Retronics on their Hazard Light Module
Andy Winters (Director, Retronics Ltd) has provided some more details regarding the newly launched Retronics Hazard Light Module (RHLM). This unit works on positive and negative earth vehicles. It also works with traditional and LED bulbs, or any combination. If any bulb blow, the others keep flashing at the correct rate. .The Retronics' retail RHLM model works on vehicles with positive or negative switched indicators.

The PCB (printed circuit board) used on all current and future Retronics products is their own unique design. Their board uses double thickness track and a heavy duty relay - thus it can safely carry more current than competitors' boards with no modifications needed to it. The Retronics' modules have RF Suppression built in. Reverse polarity protection is also built in.