Mr Squeaker loses his voice - peace breaks out in the Commons

Humour can so often shine a light on life and Quentin Letts' political sketch column in the Times has had some colourful descriptions of proceedings in the House of Commons and particularly of the Speaker, John Bercow. Regarded by many as pompous and self important, Bercow rarely uses a sentence when three or four provide an opportunity to lecture the House or any members he regards as miscreants who need to be brought to heel.

See his column on 4th October 2019

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Quentin Letts has made some extraordinary observations on the proceedings in the House of Commons in his Political Sketch column in the Times. The pompous and self important manner in which the Speaker, John Bercow, handles his role is so different to the calm and influential way other speakers have managed proceedings. Last week Bercow was suffering from a throat condition which seriously constrained his vocal activity. What a relief for all!
Quentin Letts launched his column the following day saying "the day John Bercow lost his voice - from Squeaker to Croaker - proved to be the most civilised in the Commons for weeks. Well, there's a coincidence. With the little termagant largely muted, MPs rubbed along with each other just fine." Quentin added later "Mr Bercow's voice loss, alas not quite total, became apparent when he sprang to his toes just after 9.30am to say "order, order". The words emerged sounding like the ribbit-ribbit of a frog with catarrh. The creak of a graveyard gate."

His frequent comment directed at a member of Parliament making a noise in the House whilst a fellow member is speaking is the dismissive comment: "control yourself as you chunter inelegantly from a sedentary position".