Advice on buying an RV8 from the Daily Telegraph

Alongside is a piece from the Daily Telegraph on Saturday 22nd September 2019 where the motoring contributor is responding to a query from "OL" which is headed "Sterling mess" and seeking views on buying an RV8 as an investment and whether these cars are likely to rise in value.

The response from the Daily Telegraph says "values have been going down a bit lately" which our Pricewatch monitoring does not support - our market review in May 2019 shows prices have generally continued to plateau, if on a slightly muddled track since a peak in November 2017. Our next six monthly price guide and market review will be released in early November 2019.

Interestingly the Daily Telegraph reply suggests that investing £18,000 in an RV8 "might be a safer place to put your money than keeping it in Sterling" presumably because if Sterling were to fall RV8 prices in say Euros or even US Dollars would reduce thereby making RV8 prices more attractive for a buyer in Mainland Europe. In addition there are also signs that as the RV8 can now be imported to the USA (with RV8s over 25 years from manufacture) there would be increasing buyer interest there too. Increased buyer demand from either Mainland Europe or the USA could see RV8 prices in the UK rising in Sterling terms.

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RV8 market review & price guide price guide
Our six monthly RV8 price guide below released in May 2019 includes a table showing our guide prices based on our monitoring RV8s advertised for sale or listed for auction. In our market review there is a chart below showing the price trends for Condition 1 RV8s since 2010. The chart shows prices have generally continued to plateau, if on a slightly muddled track since a peak in November 2017.

See our RV8 market review and price guide at May 2019.
What Sterling mess does "OL" fear?
Presumably with BREXIT confusion at present the concern is whether Sterling could fall, imports could lead to higher UK prices for imported food and consumer goods and then possibly inflation.

What are "OL's" aims when thinking of buying an RV8?
It seems keeping the RV8 as an investment and driving only a modest 2,000 miles is the aim.

What RV8 is OL thinking of getting?
Low mileages continue to be a contining feature of the RV8 market as lower recorded mileages are often seen with reimported RV8s from Japan, mostly in Woodcote Green. Typically RV8s are seen with 25,00 to 50,000 miles so a car with 76,000 would be regarded in the market as a relatively high mileage. Although the condition is described by "OL" as "immaculate", priced at £18,000 it suggests this RV8 is on the boundary between Conditions 1 & 2. Any buyer would need to carry out a thorough examination of a car, particularly at the top end of Condition 2 with a car described as "immaculate".

What are the prospects for RV8 price growth?
The continuing uncertainties with Brexit may be a factor in growing caution in the classic car market until the outcome is better known and understood, but an RV8 with the added luxury of Elm burr internal trim, Connolly leather seats and a soft top, plus an injected engine, make it a very desirable classic car. In the medium term the RV8 model with a limited production run of around 2,000 and good support from an active members' group like the V8 Register could see renewed price growth.