How expensive is fuel on motorways?

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Maps covering Tebay village and the Tebay services area off the M6
Tebay services is only 1.9 miles from Tebay village at Junction 38 which takes barely 5 minutes.

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If you refuel on a motorway the price can be painful
For example the current price for petrol at Tebay services on the M6 near Shap is 147.9p/litre but if you turn off at Junction 38 just a few miles south before reaching Tebay services and head for Old Tebay village there fuel is available at 128.9p/litre. So filling an MGBGTV8 12 gallon tank (54 litres) there could save over £8.63 or 12.8% less than filling at Tebay services. If you are filling a modern car with say a 60 litre fuel tank then the 12.8% saving would be £11.40 - enough to pay for refreshments for two at Tebay services!